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Alishan Forest Railway

The Alishan Hotel does not provide ticket reservation services for the train. If you need to purchase tickets, please buy them online or at the ticket office at the Alishan Forest Recreation Area.


The Alishan Century-Old Railway

The Alishan Forest Railway was planned during the Japanese colonial period. In 1903, the Taiwan Governor-General's Office planned to develop the Alishan forest for timber transportation. They began route surveys, measurements, and planning. Construction began in 1906 by the Japanese Fujita Group but was later taken over by the government due to financial issues. In December 1912, the line from Chiayi to Erwanping was officially completed and opened, spanning a total length of 66.6 kilometers. As the forestry business expanded, the line was extended to Alishan and gradually added branch lines. Some of these branches were dismantled after the forestry business was completed, but the main line and major branches remain in operation. Currently, the operational route from Chiayi to Zhaoping is approximately 72 kilometers long and is one of the world's famous mountain railways.


Alishan Station
Nowadays, Alishan Sation is not only the terminal of Forest Railway, but also the starting points of Zhushan, Mianyue, and Shenmu Line.


  • Altitude: 2216 m
  • Attraction:Alishan Visitor Center, Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Alishan Post Office, Alishan Trail

Zhushan Station

  • Altitude: 2451 m
  • Attraction:Zhushan Sun-watch Platform, Ogasawara Observatory

Shenmu (Sacred Tree) Station

  • Altitude: 2138 m
  • Attraction:Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Giant Trees, Ciyun Temple, Alishan Museum, Alishan House, Tree-soul Tower, Cherry Blossom King
Zhaoping Station
  • Altitude: 2274 m
  • Attraction:Alishan Poem Trail, Sky Trail, Cherry Blossom Trail, Alishan Ecological Education Museum, Formosa Pleione Ecological Story Museum, Sun-watching Trail, Tashan Trail, Alishan Guest House of Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
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