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• Alishan Hotel History •



• 1895 

Following the First Sino-Japanese War, Taiwan was ceded to Japan. The Japanese government conducted surveys across various regions and discovered the abundant forest resources in the Alishan area, leading to the initiation of development efforts in Alishan.


• 1912 •

The completion of the Chiayi to Erwanping section of the Alishan Forest Railway officially connected Alishan to the Chiayi region, fostering the forestry and cultural development in the Alishan area.



• 1913 •

In order to develop the Alishan Forest Farm and accommodate officials on business trips, an on-site office and residence for the chief were constructed. Upon completion, it became the economic, political, and cultural center of the Alishan region at that time.


• 1914 •

The main line of the Alishan Forest Railway was extended to Zhaoping Station, prompting the relocation of the Alishan Forest Farm office to Zhaoping. The original buildings were transferred to the Forestry Bureau of the Government-General of Taiwan for operation and were renovated to accommodate senior officials on business trips. It was named the "Forest Farm Club Alishan Branch" or simply the "Alishan Club."



1945 •

With the defeat of Japan, control of the hotel was transferred to the Nationalist Government, and it was renamed the "Forestry Bureau Alishan Guest House."



• 1965 •

To develop tourism, a renovation project costing 2 million was undertaken, and the guest house was renamed the "Alishan Hotel."


• 2001 •

The Alishan National Scenic Area Headquarters was established by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications on July 23, and it officially began operations with the inauguration by President Chen Shui-bian on September 4.


• 2012 •

The hotel operations were entrusted to a hotel management consulting company (now known as Alishan Hotel Co., Ltd.) by a state-owned enterprise. After a renovation, it provided more modern service offerings, becoming the highest-altitude resort hotel in Taiwan.


• 2013 •

On December 12, a contract was formally signed with the Forestry Bureau to obtain the qualification for the first privately invested BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project. This allowed for the construction of a top-tier resort hotel at the current location. Originally planned to expand to 110 rooms, the design was revised to accommodate 106 rooms in order to preserve precious cypress wood. The aim was to revitalize the entire Alishan area and position Alishan once again as the top choice for tourism in Taiwan.


• 2020 •

The operation was taken over by the Ishikawa Media Group, which initially focused on renovating the hardware environment to provide higher-quality accommodations. The Ishikawa Media Group, rooted in caring for Taiwanese culture, began collecting and organizing historical materials about the hotel, showcasing the beauty of Alishan and its rich history in the century-old cypress Historical Building.



• 2024 •

The Historical Building underwent a complete renovation, and the 1913 Wooden Antique Office reopened, allowing guests to experience a spiritual feast as they explore Alishan. From the Alishan Hotel, visitors can immerse themselves in a different side of Alishan.

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